Paper Towels And Its Effects On The World

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I still remember the pause I had when I was about to pull the paper towel in the restroom of my college. That pause came with the recollection of the commitment I had made, not to use things whose productions lead to deforestation- conversion of forested regions to non-forest land for human use and industrial gain until I really need it. After a long look at the mirror, I smirked to myself and turned around settling my wet hands in my pants pocket so that they would dry till I reach my class. After a few days of attachment to the commitment, I realized that although it might be just a drop of water in an ocean but we can really minimize the consumption of products that lead to deforestation. For that, I have decided to recycle my books and also prioritize in purchasing recycled materials as much as possible. Carrying handkerchief instead of paper towels is another thing that I have decided to do. Alongside that, I have convinced my friends to reduce the use of products that come from forest resources which they are legitimately positive about . Deep thinking on well known yet ignored issue of deforestation and its consequences which needs to be controlled in order to maintain livable environment in this world convinced me to make some commitments in hopes of minimizing the excessive use of products that lead to deforestation. “The trees in the jungle are cut to make paper to write reports on how to save forests”, appreciating the sarcasm
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