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Case study of Baskin-Robbins: Can it bask in the good 'Ole Days?

Submitted for Course Number MGT 611 Course Title: Business Research Analysis Instructor: Sheila Fournier-Bonilla By: Kory McCullough & Dan Hui

Critical Thinking Questions Baskin-Robbins Brand Officer Ken Kimmel felt it was important to conduct this study because the frozen-food retailing industry had become more hostile to Baskin-Robbins in recent years. A few entrants such as Cold Stone
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The proposed logo was like equally amongst the senior staff and corporate office. However, they should study their customers' attitudes towards the new logo, so that they can explain whether a logo change is warranted. Some members suggested that they have to ask about the old logo, too. If the new logo is not preferred 2:1 in a head-to-head competition with the old one, they need to drop it. Some other members suggested that they should study their customer's attitudes toward the old logo and toward the new logo after showing them the drawings of the redesigned stores. They used Coke as an example in the case. Coke had been through a similar change in logo a few years back and customers’ opinions were very helpful. The most important understanding about Baskin-Robbins as an organization that led the firm to consider a new logo as part of problem definition was that Baskin-Robbins has decided to focus on delivering a great value for their consumers in an accessible kind of environment. As part of this new emphasis, they have recently begun highlighting innovations such as their own frozen coffee beverage - Bold Breezes. Carrying frozen custard is also on the horizon. The CEO and other executives have discussed the changes thoroughly

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