Paper on Business Intelligence

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ABSTRACT This paper illustrates the concept of Business Intelligence as a stored knowledge of the company that can be developed and organized for better and effective decision making process. It synthesizes the concept of business intelligence and introduces the BI information system software that can harness all the needed information and data for decision makers. This process is placed in the context of mid size companies in Saudi Arabia for them to gain competitive advantage. The methodology of the research is qualitative hence secondary resources such books, reference materials, on line articles on BI, IT journals on PDF served as the basis of discussion. Five people were also interviewed to solicit their personal views…show more content…
Section 1 – Concept of Business Intelligence In every long term strategic planning, many companies considered data collection and analysis as a fundamental activity. Big companies that strive to achieve a sustainable advantage over their competition made use of information management system to help them analyze their data. These activities have evolved to what is now known as business intelligence of BI. R.L Fielding (2008) reiterates that Business Intelligence is a thorough and holistic analysis of the company records, data, information, and software application for effective decision making. All decision making processes need an organized, readily-accessible, and human readable compilations of data. With the use of an effective tool the firm can easily figure out their own business processes, the behavior of their customers, and the economic trend of the industry. With these facts, the firm can arrive at a better strategy to achieve their specified goals with confidence. Fielding (2008) also added that the three possible stages of business intelligence can be broken down into raw data, information, and knowledge. Raw data is gathered and processed into information. The information are filtered and arranged into a meaningful pattern. The knowledge form from data analysis serves as the business intelligence of the company. According to Andy Graham (2008)
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