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Chopin Documentary “The Women Behind the Music”
The Women Behind the music is a documentary on the life of Romantic Era virtuoso pianist, Frederic Chopin . This documentary starts off by giving us a little background info on Chopin himself. The narrator describes Chopin as a quiet and shy man. Chopin wrote over 250 compositions for the piano. The inspiration for Chopin’s music was not only the piano, but it was also the human voice, particularly the female’s voice. Chopin’s music was an inspiration of passion for both the players and the listener. All in all, this documentary celebrates the 200th anniversary of Chopin by following James Rhodes, a young pianist who set out to discover who put the song into Chopin. As the narrator
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Chopin proved the people of France wrong. Within a year, Chopin was a fashionable celebrity, not only for his compositions but also for his unique and delicate style of playing. Chopin composed not just exquisite miniatures but also longer scale works. His fantasies balanced the famous B flat minor, one of the last works Chopin completed was the challenging Polonaise-Fantaisie. Most of Chopin’s composition was strengthened out by his extraordinary power of improvisation. Chopin was able to play without hesitation and just let his heart and mind complete the notes to the musical piece as if it was already written complete on paper.
In this documentary, James Rhodes plays a song by Chopin that really stands out to me. The song Rhodes is playing is Chopin’s Prelude in E minor. I really like this song. It’s very mysterious and full of emotion. I have heard this many times before and never recognized this as one of Chopin’s musical pieces. The Prelude has appeared in many movies, and is a very popular piece of Chopin’s. Chopin’s great achievement was not just to find a new musical language, but to find a new voice for the piano. Through his singing style and playing, he discovered an almost organic sound within the instrument. The echo of the human voice that was present in his music sent a whirlwind of admiration and emotion that still mesmerizes us today. Besides
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