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For centuries, the beauty of Bengali women has been defined by their dark skin-tones, generous curves, sharp facial features and long, wavy hair. The traditional Bengali woman adorned herself with glass bangles, bindi, nupur and nose-pin and wore saris or more recently, salwar kameez. All of these together paired with her submissive attitude, were considered to be part of her beauty.
However, this notion of beauty has changed drastically in the last few decades. Bangladeshi women no longer favour the
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After a hard day's work (of shopping, cooking, cleaning or office work) when she return home and switches on the telly, she sees the beautifully clad women on the Hindi sitcoms. In a world where globalization is spurred on, she thinks that looking like the sexy actress is the rage. With each passing day she habitually watches the sitcoms and her morale declines just a little more. She had thought of herself to be beautiful but her thoughts were revolutionized once she saw the Hindi serials, where women have the perfect designer attire for their super-thin body, glitzy jewellery and a few kilos of make-up which still looks ‘natural.' She is under pressure of not only her conscience to look as beautiful and trendy as the women shown in the sitcoms, but also by her peers who are slowly beginning to imitate the dressing style of the female characters of the Hindi serials. And thus, the reformation of Bengali traditions comes about. She sheds her traditional sari and wears a short kameez and dozens of chunky bracelets instead of the usual glass bangles. A visit to the neighbourhood hair dresser assures that she has straightened her wavy locks and has had it ‘layered' like shown on TV. Her transformation is complete. She has left her culture far behind and moved on towards modernization. Bangladeshi Women
Even if some Bangladeshi women do not watch Hindi serials, they still look like breeds of Indian television actresses. This is

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