Paper on Heat Stress

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Heat Stress Exercises- Bhaskarla Krishna Harika

Question 1:
(5 marks)

Herbicide spraying is taking place with a hand-held spray. The sprayers carry a container of weedkiller on their backs and the spraying covers a large area which they are covering on foot.

The sprayers have just come back from annual leave, this being their first week back.

To protect themselves against the herbicide, they are wearing cotton coveralls and gloves.

On the day when spraying is to take place, the temperatures are measured at 11am.

They are: Globe temperature 43.50C Air temperature 32.00C Natural wet bulb temperature 20.00C * Calculate the WBGT * What work-rest program would you recommend? *
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Their body has to adjust to the demanding work as well as the climatic conditions. Gardening is considered a level 3 or heavy work category. The above WGBT is determined to be 24.10C. This indicates that the work/rest ratio should be around 75%:25% i.e a rest break of 15 minutes or more every hour considering the nature of work. * Work-rest program for workers who returned 2 weeks earlier: The workers who have acclimatized themselves to work during the 2 weeks that others missed have an advantage of working longer hours. Even though gardening is a heavy category work, the limit where there is a compulsion of resting every hour is at a WGBT of 26-270C which is much higher than the 24.10C in this case. Hence, the workers who have returned back from Christmas shutdown can work according to their normal schedule taking mid-day rest during lunch.

* Question 3: * (5 marks) * Workers are complaining about hot conditions in an aluminium refinery. Whilst the particular process is a hot one, the workers can tolerate it at most times, except during the height of summer. The process is continuous, so that knocking off when the ambient temperature gets too high is not an option.
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