Paper on Physical Security

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Learning Team B Riordan Manufacturing Service Request SR-rm-013
Michael Elion, Bill Dillavou, Heather Baldwin, Mike Grasvik
University of Phoenix

Alexander Pons
August 8, 2011

Learning Team B Riordan Manufacturing Service Request SR-rm-013 An important consideration of an information or operating system of a business or organization is to have a security system that protects information, data, and integrity of the company’s sensitive information and records. If a business or company does not have adequate security, financial, sensitive, and classified information may be compromised and prone to possible viruses and malware, hacking, or at risk of a cyber-attack to the company’s data resulting in possible
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Web applications and database servers contain logging functions that create auditable trails that can be used to maintain security internally, and record data from attacks originating from the Internet. Audit trails can also provide reports verifying that Web-enabled applications meet security requirements and that the appropriate protocols to meet SOX compliance are taking place. Without the appropriate security policies and controls, Riordan would not be compliant with SOX, and Web applications could expose confidential data.
Review of the Riordan Manufacturing Network and Network Security After reviewing Riordan’s current security system, it is suggested that more stringent security and restricted access should be imposed upon users and employees throughout the company. Those with proper authorization may be permitted to access the required data to perform their daily duties, whereas others without proper authorization require approval to access the requested data. With tighter restrictions and limited access of data and information, these practices will strengthen security considerably. Currently, Riordan does not have in place an online ordering system or official contact methods with customers. Riordan’s plant located in Hangzhou, China requires careful evaluation
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