Papercut: A Career Analysis

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I have been a member of the Papercut since my first semester, and I have been committed to it ever since. Writing for the paper has been one of my favourite experiences at Marianopolis, and I’d love to have a bigger role in the process. As a Liberal Arts student, I do a lot of writing, but writing about topics I’m interested in for the newspaper is different. I have the opportunity to do research and create articles about issues that are important to me, and share them with the student body. I want to be a managing editor because I enjoy being part of this team, and it’s something I’d enjoy doing more of. Moreover, I am thinking about pursuing journalism after graduating and having a position as a managing editor would be a great experience (Also, I want to make sure Mary Lynne doesn’t misspell my name again).…show more content…
I’ve written articles for both the print edition and the website, and I’ve been involved in promoting and fundraising for the newspaper. Since high school, my friends have asked me to edit and proofread their essays. Writing and editing are not only activities that I enjoy, but they are ones that I am good at. Moreover, I have great attention to detail, I am a committed worker, and I am a perfectionist when it comes to writing. Given my skills, and my experience and involvement at the Papercut, I believe I am an ideal candidate for helping the executive body
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