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Malala was a young girl who lived in Pakistan, but girls at a certain age couldn't go to school anymore. She decided to fight and show people that she was going to fight for education and rights to go to school. She wanted to show people around the world that everyone should have the rights to go to school. Malala Yousafzai advocated for women’s right in education through her works “ I am Malala,” “ Nobel Peace Prize Speech,” and “ Magic Pencil.” Her works represented a young girl who fought for her dream her dream of going to school. Malala’s text “ I am Malala,” impacted girls to fight for their rights. This book talks about a young girl fighting for education. She stands up for her rights on going to school. Malala once said “We realize the importance of our voices when we are silenced.” Malala once got silenced and she realized how important her voice was and how important her standing up for education became. She wrote this book for young girls to see that it’s perfectly fine to fight for a dream or for what you want in your life. She showed young girls that one girl can change something really big. Malala’s “Nobel Speech Prize” showed people how one girl can speak up for what she believes in. She is showing other girls out there that they have a right in education. She is also showing people that they…show more content…
Also that we can't let anyone take our education away from us or let them stop us from going to school. She showed us a lot from her life and how she fought for her education that she didn't let anyone stop her from going to school. She was a great example of someone who fights for what they believe in even if they are alone. She didn't let anyone take her rights on going to school from her that is something to be proud
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