Papua New Guinea Video Analysis

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Natural gas windfall that’s destroying a country. Papua New Guinea has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Just couple decades ago, the local peoples main form of currency were pigs. Now that the modern industries have arrived to harvest natural resources, the local peoples live’s have been turned upside down. The locals are very angry about this change. Since Exxon has arrived, the locals are out of work and as one of the locals states: “If the situation does not change, there will be fighting.” I definitely think that it is wrong for a major company to come in like this and destroy their native land, creating war over money. The government made this thirty-year deal and did not think about how this would affect the locals.…show more content…
The video states that the people in power in Texas, do not even believe in climate change. What? I don’t understand how is this even possible, there are clear signs that our climate is changing, just look at the rising sea levels for example. The video showed a water resurvar in Texas which is supposed to hold water for the people living in a nearby city, to my surprise, the water resurvar has turned into the locals mudding spot. I couldn’t believe that the people living in Texas, standing right next to the water resuarvar were stating that they do not believe in the Climate change. Did they not see the mud next to them? The mud that has been there for the past three years and used to be a water resurvar. Honestly, this was kind of upsetting to watch. To me it seemed as there were clear signs of climate change in this second part of the video, even the farmer said that the rain he used to experience a century ago, he does not experience today. Also the factories were closing, cattle was being sold and relocated and cities were turning into ghost towns. I can only hope that soon these people will open their eyes and realize that there clearly is a change in the
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