Para Sa Hopeless Romantic Essay

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Romance novelist Marcelo Santos III has become one of the most prominent writers of this generation's Philippine popular fiction alongside Bob Ong, Ramon Bautista, and Denny R. The novels Para sa Hopeless Romantic and Para sa Broken Hearted by Santos topped best-seller lists of various bookstores and even the best-seller list under the gold category of their publisher Viva PSICOM. Later this year, a movie adaptation of Para sa Hopeless Romantic will be released nationwide. He is also active on Wattpad, Twitter, and Facebook, where he posts quotes about love and inspiration. But Santos was in the spotlight of social media long before he became a famous novelist. He wrote the YouTube series Love Story on Video, where words are shown over a blank video accompanied by background music, posted them online, and garnered hundreds of thousands of views,…show more content…
The blurb itself states that the novel is “para sa mga taong iniwan at ipinagpalit, para sa mga taong naging panakip butas, para sa mga nangangarap na mahalin . . . at para sa mga Hopeless Romantic” (translation: “for people who were left and replaced, for those who were used as substitutes, for those who wish to be loved . . . and for those who are hopeless romantics”) (Santos, Para sa Hopeless Romantic). Thus, the prevalence of romance and idealism in this generation's Philippine literature has been tackled by local fictionists and has led to various discussions and even to the use of the hashtag #saveliterature when talking about works by Santos and other related writers. As said by Ronaldo S. Vivo Jr., fictionist and anthologist from the transgressive group Ungaz Press, what is sad is the readers fall victim to publishers who do not care about how their products affect their readers. Readers are taught not to analyze problems and just believe in the promises of forever (qtd. in

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