Parable Of The Sower Octavia Butler

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“God is Power—infinite, irresistible, inexorable, indifferent. And yet, God is Pliable—trickster, teacher, chaos, clay. God exists to be shaped. God is Change.” (Butler 25). In Parable of the Sower Octavia Butler introduces the concept of religion through her characters specifically Lauren. In a society that is crumbling, religion is seemed to be the only thing striving. The idea that although society could be falling apart many of the characters either cling to their beliefs, or shy away from them. Laurens creation of “Earthseed” proves that in a failing society, the concept of religion somehow still survives.
In the very beginning of the book Lauren begins to question the idea of God. Since she grew up in a religious setting (her father being a pastor) much of her religious knowledge comes from the church. However, from a very early start Lauren has always begun to question the very principles that were taught to her. In present society, the issues are just beginning. Lauren is in a secluded community, unable to leave because of the unknown dangers outside the walls. It 's no surprise she begins to question the principles of God.
In the book of Job, God says he made everything and he knows everything so no one has any right to question what he does with any of it. Okay. That works. That Old Testament God doesn’t violate the way things are now. But that God sounds a lot like Zeus – a super-powerful man, playing with his toys the way my youngest brothers play with toy…
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