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GALO ORTIZ ENG :101 SPRING 2014 The parable of sower The parable of sower by Octavia Butler published in 1993 is a novel that reflects different types of problems in the society in a nearly future such as: race, religion, politics, sexuality and violence. The author uses different examples trough the novel in order to show all those problems. The parable of sower begins in Robledo few miles from California in July 2024 to 2027 in this period of time many things happened to Lauren lives’ who suffered a rarely syndrome called hyper empathy which is the ability to feel the perceived pain and other sensations of other people. There are some people…show more content…
The cost of water goes up making it even costlier than gasoline thought only a few people buy gasoline”. Those two sentence impressed me a lot because it showing that people is not immigrate from one to other country such as those days but people are trying to find out other planet to live because it seems that this planet is not good to live anymore. Laura inform us on all those events that Governments aren´t paying attention about the overpopulation and global warming which can collapse all the economy in the country because there weren´t enough food to feed all the people. Overpopulation makes difficulty for authorities control crimes and it tend to spread faster as a disease without control and it is a serious problem that is happen those days but nobody take an action to control it. Overpopulation also affects deliberately exploit natural resources and

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