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The purpose of this assignment is to identify a client group and discuss the current pain management strategies used to assess pain in the selected client group. This assignment will explore and discuss the pain management strategies adopted in the clinical area to meet the needs of this client group. At the same time one pain, management strategy will be chosen critically evaluated and explored in light of the available evidence.
The final part of the assignment will identify the improvements that need to introducing in the clinical area, in order to improve the management of pain.
The student of this assignment works on a busy medical ward admitting both young and elderly patients with acute and chronic
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This theory explains that a pain modulating system exists with a neutral gate in the cord that can open and close leading to modulation of the pain gate. Proposing that physical, emotional and mental conditions are responsible for closing and opening the gate, found in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. Moreover, it helps to explain the relationship between thoughts and emotions in modifying the perception of pain, why actions such as music, imagery, and distraction help to relieve it. For example, understanding that the gate may be opened by bodily injury, anxiety, and depression. The gate may be closed by analgesia, good mood, and distraction. Therefore by administering analgesia to a patient, the pain gate can be closed and by using music and relaxation activities. In the authors clinical area a day room excists with a library of books and a television to help them concentrate things other than the pain. By spending time talking and listening to patient in clinical area, fear and anxiety has been addressed thereby leading to patients relaxation and reduced pain perception. The gate control theory can be applied in the authors’ area of practice, as it is adaptable to all types of patients thus ensuring individualised care.
Furthermore having an awareness of how a person’s pain perception, can be influenced by things such as fear, anxiety, depression and the situation in
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