Paradise Kitchen

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Paradise Kitchens, Inc. Executive Summary Cortez Hampton MARKETING 301-OL Dr. Charles Hurst, Professor Due: November 28, 2012 Executive Summary Description of Company Paradise Kitchens, Inc. was created by Randall F. Peters, and wife, Leah E. Peters to develop a line of microwaveable Southwestern/Mexican style frozen chili products called Howlin' Coyote Chili. Before starting Paradise Kitchens, Inc., Randall spent 15 years working for General Foods and Pillsbury with many different responsibilities. Leah had expertise in food science and packaging from her past positions. Both had the necessary skills contribute to the startup (and success) of Paradise Kitchens. The line of frozen microwavable Chili products are…show more content…
Howlin’ Coyote has had a steady increase in sales revenues since its introduction in 2003. In 2007, sales jumped greatly due to new promotion strategy. The Competition The “chili market” represents over $500million in annual sales. On average, consumers buy five to six servings a year and those products fall into two groups: canned chili, which is 75 percent of sales, and dry chili, which covers the over 25 percent (Kerin 54). There are three characteristics that separate Howlin’ Coyote chilies from its competitors. They are: 1. Unique taste and convenience – no known competitor offers high quality authentic frozen chili in a range of flavors. 2. Taste trends – Howlin’ Coyote offers more “kick” than most other chilies; and 3. Premium packaging – Howlin’ Coyote’s packaging graphics convey a unique, high-quality product contained inside and the product’s nontraditional positioning. Paradise Kitchen, Inc.’s Operations Howlin’ Coyote chilies are distributed in its present markets through a food distributor. The distributor buys the product, stores it in warehouses, and then resells and delivers it to grocery stores on a store by store basis (Kerin 59). The Paradise Kitchen Operations has four people reporting to the President. Board of Directors | President & CEO | | | | | Director Vice President Director
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