Paradise Lost By John Milton Essay

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Eve in Paradise Lost

In the visions of Western world and civilization, the descend of mankind from the Garden of Eden serves as the prominent, underlying story of the formulation of existence. In 1667, in the seventeenth century, author John Milton recasts the creation story in an epic form of poetry consisting of ten books with over ten thousand lines of verse, in order to conspicuously portray the characters and their actions that lead to the Fall of Mankind. In both Paradise Lost and the Bible, the blame for the banishment of mankind from the Garden of Eden is placed on Eve for falling into the seducing of Satan. Throughout his epic work, Milton conveys Eve 's advancement from an autonomous woman to a more reliant woman to portray that women are not essentially conceived as acquiescent beings. Eve is compelled into assent due to the patriarchal environment she is surrounded by, therefore attributing it and allowing her to "develop into a women." Paradise Lost conceives Eve as more than solely the mother of humankind and the wife of Adam. Milton 's emendation of Eve in a biblical sense alters the character from fixed as portrayed in the Bible to a more dynamic person in Paradise Lost. In doing so, Milton portrays to the reader a different and originally a more favorable perspective of Eve and her character. Conveyed through the Book of Genesis, in the Old Testament of the Bible, Eve is purely Adam 's wife who eats from the tree that God appointed as forbidden. "She

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