Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost is a poem about Adam and Eve, how they were created and how they came to lose their place in the Garden of Eden, which was also called Paradise. It is very similar to the book of Genesis in the Bible, except it is expanded by John Milton into a very long, detailed, narrative poem with a different view of Satan. Even though he leads a war against God, is sent to hell, and seeks revenge throughout the poem h still ends up being a very likable character.
In “Paradise Lost” I think that Milton’s character Satan may be considered one of the most complex characters and is always changing. Of course at first he comes off as a very evil guy, who had a strong thirst for vengeance and liked to wreak havoc. Even though
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Or at least that is what Satan wants the readers to believe!
Satan is proven to be a tricky and clever character in most stories that he is talked about in. Even in the movie “Devil’s Advocate. The movie was good with a great amount of suspense, and kind of gives a real outlook of the Satan and how he works. The movie is about Satan and sin. The point of the movie and the poem was not to glorify sin but exposes it and all the devious things the devil would do or has done. But it also shows the consequences of sin. Just like “Paradise Lost” The “Devil’s Advocate” shows Satan is filled with vanity, greed, and lust who is a great deceiver and knows how to twists words and meanings. The movie is a modern re-interpretation of the poem, I also think it is pretty cool that the Devil in the film is name John Milton.
Overall I think in the poem “Paradise Lost” Satan’s character was meant to be more attractive to the readers so they would also be seduced by his ways. His character was meant to be more liked then he usually is in things such as the Bible. He was not necessarily meant to be looked at as the hero, but he was described in such a way that it tempted the readers to like him. Just like Satan lured people in and made them do the wrong things Milton lured in his readers to like Satan. He did such a great job that I felt sorry for Satan. But he also made us see everything from Satan view. Which basically

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