Paradise Lost: Moloch's Warfare Vs. Belial's Coexistence Essay example

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The Second Book of Paradise Lost, by John Milton, opens at the Council of War amongst the demons of Hell. Moloch, demon warrior, passionately advocates for open warfare. On the other hand, Belial, the sarcastic demon, uses asperity to criticize Moloch's argument. This Council, particularly the arguments that Moloch and Belial present, represent two separate schools of thought: warfare at any cost and existence at any price.

Moloch, upon getting his chance to speak, wastes no time in expressing his opinion: open warfare with heaven. He is full of mixed emotions at this point, such as: shame, insult, torment, arrogance, and vengeance. These fuel the passionate rhetoric which he gives in support of his stand.

The shame which
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The separation theory is just that, a theory. Many theologians speculate that when a soul has the misfortune of going to Hell, the actual separation between the soul and Heaven is unbearable. Even if a person is not "saved" they still feel, as theologians suggest, love and support from Heaven. Like some subconscious awareness of sorts. When that love, that support is gone, the actual pain is from the anguish we feel being totally cut off from that line in Heaven. Their torment could be one or both. But one thing is for certain, this torment is unending.

All of these emotions, just to address a few, run through the demons hearts and minds. It is causing them to sit and linger in Hell as Heaven's fugitives, rendering them numb as to their next course of action. Moloch's solution to end this bondage is to once again battle Heaven. He even begins his speech, "My sentence is for open war." "Armed with Hell's flame and fury," he states, is how they shall attack. Heaven will be resistless to their attack. And they shall have the last laugh by the turning the tables on the Torturer, as God is mentioned as being, by returning His tortures upon Himself. Moloch passionately speaks in advocating this move. He mentions the feelings they all have. He even has a plan of attack.

But warfare with Heaven may have its price though, as Moloch suggests. There is the possibility that if they provoke their

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