Paradise Lost Sin

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Few topics have been examined and debated as much as the biblical account of the original sin. This continual scrutiny of the story is attributed to its significance, as the fate of humanity is irrevocably changed by the actions of two: Adam and Eve. While both are guilty of eating the forbidden fruit, who is more to blame? A case can be made for both Adam and Eve, but after analyzing John Milton’s interpretation of the original sin in his Paradise Lost, it is evident that the naïve Eve should not endure the full brunt of your wrath. Eve was moved by Satan’s logical arguments and would not have eaten the fruit if he had not tempted her. O Creator, Eve’s punishment should be lessened as Satan’s convincing arguments coupled with Adam’s neglect led her to believe that eating the forbidden fruit was acceptable.
In order to understand how the naïve Eve is not at fault, it is imperative to first examine her situation and how her environment influenced her character to become so trusting. Both Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden together, where their only responsibility is to manage the garden. The Garden of Eden is a beautiful place, with
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The Garden of Eden is a sheltered sanctuary, a place too good and too safe for Eve. Furthermore, Satan’s reasonable arguments appealed to Eve’s logical nature, making her a target for his evil. In fact, you should punish Adam to a greater degree for his weak conviction in making Eve stay with him, and allowing Satan to corrupt her. O Almighty, if you are truly just and are truly omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, then it would be right for you to lessen Eve’s punishment. Even the Bible deems the original sin, the “Sin of Adam;” the reason for doing so is outlined in my plea for Eve. Your creation, Eve, should be partially pardoned due to her extenuating circumstances described above; I have made my request, but the rest is up to
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