Paradise of the Blind Essay

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World literature two

Statement of intent

I plan to elaborate on the political aspects of Paradise of the Blind by writing a formal letter to the Vietnam government. The Vietnam government banned this book from the country because of the all encompassing political aspects included in the book. In the authors books all of the aspects of life are demonstrated and the total view was an unattractive image for the leaders. This book was banned because it went against what a government hopes to portray to their people. Duong Thu Huong worked for the Communist Youth Brigade at the age of 20 but was expelled from the communist party in 1989. She has been imprisoned numerous times for her outspoken support for human rights and
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Because of this factor I found it interesting that it was banned from your country under the term of President (Insert name here). I write to you today in hopes that you will reevaluate president (insert name here)’s decision and allow this book to be published. The social conditions were not optimal in the book and I can respect the decision to ban it, but it was banned from the country but that was a different time and things have changed since then. Under the influence of many years the conditions and circumstances have changed. Publishing the book provides you with a good opportunity to portray an understanding for the people and your willingness to cooperate with their wants with little or no cost to you. Duong Thu Huong has spoken out about the government censorship numerous times and by allowing her book to be published now, it could allow the people to trust their government.

The book showed a vulnerable time in Vietnamese history fraught with trials and errors on the part of the government. The fact that it revealed corruption in the government was a problem at the time but the government has improved since then. After the Ratification of Errors the land owners were allowed to prosper again such as “Aunt Tam” even though times were still difficult. Like the Ratification of errors after the land reform, by ending the ban it would show that you as a country are willing to accept the past and move on. As the

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