Paradox Of Gender

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1) What did you? (Document what you read, whom you spoke with, what you did, and how you spent your time. Please be very specific about how you spent your time.) I went to the preschool on Thursday to spent time observing and talking with the children.. (3 hours)
On Wednesday, I read some of the articles in the National Geographic about gender. (45 min)
I spent time at the library reading through different books about gender one that stood out to me was The Sexual Paradox: Men Women and the Real Gender Gap by Susan Pinker. (2 hours)
In my gender and society class, we’ve been reading a very long article discussing hunter gatherer culture evolving into patriarchal societies with the invention of new technology. (2 hours)
I began reading The Creation of the Patriarchy by Gerda Lerner. (1 hour)
I’ve also been reading the book Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi. (This book isn’t really for EPIC, but it’s non-fiction autobiography about formerly Muslim woman’s her experience of Islam)(2 hours) 2) What did you learn? (Answer any of the following questions. Don’t try to address them all -- only the one(s)
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Paternal uncertainty is a term used to describe when men feel unsure that their children are really theirs because they do not know if their partners are faithful. In early hominid societies, trade between groups led to greater food diversity and longevity, while incest rules and exogamy became increasingly important. Groups would require people marry outside of their tribe to spread exchange; this contributed to men and women having complementary skills. This practice was originally pragmatic, but became institutionalized. As I have read more about early societies, my understanding of the patriarchy has evolved. The reasoning for genital mutilation and men’s concern about protecting “their” women has become increasingly clear to
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