Paradoxical Twins Case Analysis Essay

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The Case of the Paradoxical Twins: Case Analysis

1. At the end of Part I, how would you describe the organization design of both Omega and Acme? What factors led you to this conclusion?

By the end of Part I, it is clear that Acme is a more mechanistic organization focusing on efficiency and profits, while Omega aligns itself with an organic organization structure focusing on cooperation, collaboration, and integration.

Acme is mechanistic with a clear vertical structure; this conclusion is reached when looking at various factors. Factors include the degree of specialization, formalization, and centralization. Mechanistic structures are highly specialized, highly formalized, and centralized similar to Acme.
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Cross communication and collaboration is key with a non-routine process and greater interdependence level was required. The level of interdependence required proved to be a negative aspect for Acme due to the lack of cross-department communication, but worked in Omega’s favor.

It is important that structure align with strategy, and in this initial case Omega’s organic, team-based structure aligned with the speed strategy that the photocopier had required. When information is shared in a quick manner, without vertical impediments, the whole process moves along much more quickly and collaboration enables efficiency.

Through coordination and the team-based mentality at Omega, the company was able to take a problem-solving approach and address issues of design errors up front whereas Acme did not even realize the design flaw because of the organizations focus on high specialization. Each department focused only on what they specialize in so errors were nearly impossible to catch. Acme’s inflexible structure required the company to go back to the beginning when the new design was approved, setting the company further back. Omega, on the other hand, adjusted easily to the new design because of its adapting nature.

Tyler, as a leader, made the mistake of assuming the team would work as efficiently as they have in the past considering this project was a rush priority with a different required strategy and different

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