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NAJMA KASSIM September 27, 2014 EDU 450 Mr. Hensley EDU-450 Classroom Management Models Harry Wong’s Effective Classroom Strengths: This model has very clear set of rules such as what to say and goals to keep in order for the teacher to be successful in her teaching. Weaknesses: This model I believe has more focus on the success of the teacher rather than the needs of the students. Quotes: “The single greatest effect on student achievement is not race, it is not poverty — it is the effectiveness of the teacher.” ~~ Harry K. Wong “It is the teacher — what the teacher knows and can do — that is the most significant factor in student achievement.” ~~ Harry K. Wong Websites:…show more content…
(2001). Mentoring students and junior faculty in faculty research: a win-win scenario.Journal of professional nursing, 17(6), 291-296. Mundt, M. H. (2001). An external mentor program: Stimulus for faculty research development. Journal of Professional Nursing, 17(1), 40-45. Owens, J. K., & Patton, J. G. (2003). Take a chance on nursing mentorships enhance leadership with this win-win strategy. Nursing Education Perspectives,24(4), 198-204. Fred Jones’ Positive Classroom Discipline Strengths: This model stops children’s behavioral issues before it start. Weaknesses: This model is challenging for children to adopt without lots of practice. Quotes: “A teacher's job is to raise young people to be responsible, respectful, and resourceful members of their community.” – Fred Jones "To create student engagement, the teacher must succeed in managing both discipline and instruction. If kids are goofing off, you won't get much engagement." – Fred Jones Websites:'s+Model References:

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