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Executive Summary Considering the situation that Paragon Tool is currently in, with uncertainty regarding company’s future, management in disagreement and the lack of tangible information regarding MonitoRobotic’s acquisition it is recommended that Paragon Tool, take a week, gather all of senior management and develop a concrete and agreed upon strategy regarding Paragon Tool’s future growth strategy. Once such a strategy is formulated, if the service business and MonitoRobotic’s fit with these plans, then Nickolas should take the next step in conducting the necessary due diligence to determine that the MonitoRobotic acquisition price and it’s culture will fit with Paragon Tools. Current Situation While Paragon Tool Company seems…show more content…
The acquisition has to be at a fair price and make business sense. Analysis must be done to make sure that Paragon’s existing service line will become profitable in the future, if not, the acquisition of an additional service line that may be unprofitable may mean death for Paragon. Details such as the acquisition costs and performance figures would have been welcoming information in determining if MonitoRobotics’ acquisition makes business sense. However given the lack there of, it is difficult to determine what kind of hardship the acquisition would be on Paragon. The description from the CFO makes it sound like it may be tough on the company’s capital if the deal where to go through. Although the CEO states that the CFO’s style compliments his own style, their differences in strategies and overall mindsets may prove disastrous for the company. The fact that the CFO thinks the company should consider selling of their existing services line while the CEO is talking about acquiring an entire company for their service lines makes not synergy between the two. They may spend more time spinning their wheels arguing over viewpoints than making progress in the company’s growth. Additionally, the CEO’s concern that he may lose the CFO if the deal is finalized should not be a showstopper for the CEO if the deal is in the best interests of the
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