Paragonimus Westermani Compare And Contrast

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Paragonimus westermani’s Taxonomy is Eukarya (Domain), Animalia (Kingdom), Platyheminthes (Phylum), Trematoda (Class), Plagiorchiida (Order), Troglotrematidae (Family), Paragonimus (Genus), and Paragonimus westermani (Species). The common name for Paragonimus westermani is a lung fluke. The look of the Paragonimus westermani is egg shaped, has a curved line on both side of body, and is a pink color. A defining characteristic is that the worm has both genitals. Males and females are very similar. The life cycle of this worm is fairly simple; they first find a intermediate host and then produce offspring inside that creature. These offspring will then exit the host and find another creature to bury inside where they will stay unti the creauture
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