Paragraph On Education Within Countries

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Education within Countries Many people have always thought, that the United States of America has always been ahead of every other country in the world. Whether it is in the economy, army, or in the educational field people think that the U.S is superior. What people do not know is that we are not the only country out there. The United States might be greater and better in quality in some areas, but education is definitely not. We are the U.S and we struggle because we want to! because we are lazy, and ignorant. There are countries with low economy and low financial services including Singapore, Thailand, and some cities in India that have really great education but low economic recourses. As an illustration, as said in a book, “The…show more content…
As of U.S students must at least be 16 to 18 years of age by state law before dropping out of school. So therefore, the United States educational standards are not as high as Chinas’. As stated in an online article, “While in America attending high school is a right, in China children are required to test into their preferred high schools. Students can attempt to obtain higher education by passing entrance exams, which asks questions from a multitude of subjects and uses the final scores to rank and file students to different institutions.” (Fang, 2016) On one hand, going to school in America for some students is a joke. On the other hand, students in China are set to achieve their maximum educational skills at a very young age. Chinas’ students are taught manners before they are taught anything at the start of their education and that implies a very good background on Chinas’ educative systematics. For one thing, students in the U.S do not take education seriously and that is the U.S Governments’ fault because it is all due to the “No Child Left Behind Act”. This oppresses the children’s values as students because they are put to very low educational standards. Other countries, have students who are very intellectual but since their Government does not back up their education the children’s futures are simply thrown away in a way. Furthermore, the U.S has not only one of the worst education systems but
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