Paragraph On Peafowl

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Indian peafowl also has as a scientific name Pavo Cristatus and they are showiest bird because of their beauty and beautiful iridescent blue-green feathers. Pauo and pauus are common name used for peafowl in Latin. Indian peafowl feather decorates the crest of lord Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu in Hinduism. The male referred as peacock and female as peahens. The male peafowl are known their bright color and patterns, but the female peahen describe as a mixture of dull colored also their smaller in length. Male peafowl spend great deal of energy to produce and maintaining great tail condition. They like to live in wild and can be found in city parks also in county estates. Indian peafowl came to symbolize for wealth and power.
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They are belonged to Galliformes family that includes pheasant, quail, grouse, turkeys and guinea fowl. Peafowl are classified into three groups, which are adult male, sub-adult male and females. Peafowl can live 25 years. The male can identify as a head, neck and breast are glossy, also they have iridescent blue with white patches above or below their eyes. Female peahen identifies as with whitish face, throat which include hind neck and back. Female have white belly and metallic green upper breast. Peafowl sex can be found by the neck color and age by length of tail feather. Male peafowl are six feet length, which included the train and their weight are up to twelve pounds or more; but the female is smaller. They start molting in autumn and grow their new feathers by spring. Peafowl being pairing in spring and the first breeder lay 8 or 12 eggs within two in three days. Indian peafowl mostly live in small or with other family
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