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Jacob Zubieta
Mr. Bergmann
Sophomore English P3
10th November, 2016

Why The Redskins Logo Is Not Offensive
Redskins Logo


Many people have watched and supported the Redskins football team of the National Football League. Many people have fought for for this football team, and when a small community of people say something outrageous like “my great grandmother has a friend who met this guy who has a friend that is 25% native american and I am very offended by the redskins name and especially the logo!” Not many people believe in this movement but apparently enough people do.

Forecast: There are some major things that you need to know about the redskins before you try to change this team these things including: the history of the redskins, what's been happening recently, and what other people think about the redskins.

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The redskins logo has been around for a long time and
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And you can only imagine the things that have happened since then. Recently, Jay Gruden was named 29th head coach in redskins history and the team is still on its way to glory. The redskins debut as a football team was september 16th, 1937. And since then, people have gone to love and hate the redskins for various reasons, whether it be that the redskins had beaten another team or that they won the super bowl. Either way, the redskins have impacted the NFL if you like it or not.

Body paragraph 3 Even politicians like Donald J. Trump are saying that the redskins have every right to not change their name. They say that they have no reason financially to have to change their name. In fact they would actually lose way too much money, fans, supporters, and the redskins could possibly even lose sponsors. This would definitely impact the redskins in the NFL as a team and as a franchise. “They don't care because there's been no financial reason to
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