Paragraph On Technology And Children

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Technology & Children 1 Technology & Children Zackary Forrester ENG 122 English Composition II Kristina Koester September 18, 2017 Technology & Children 2 Introduction Thesis: Technology is evolving in many different forms; such as computers and video games. These examples are great to have; however, these tools can also be a distraction to children. Technology is making our lives easier, and the upcoming generation can learn a lot nowadays just by using tablets and learning applications. Body Paragraph 1: The overuse of technology is changing the way the mind develops. Research conducted before the recent popularity of social media found mixed results for the relationship between Internet use and depression. A. Supporting evidence: “(Kraut et al., 1998; Shaw & Gant, 2002) Children’s minds are still growing and learning. Technology devices do not promote physical stimulation as much as physical activity will. (Swamenathan, 2015) Early research on multitasking shows performance decrease as well as patience. The human brain's processing power can only take so much information simultaneously because it has certain limitations (Walsh, 2015).” 1. This quote helps to show that virtualization is becoming the medium by which families interact, develop, and adapt. Technology has

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