Paragraph On Thanksgiving

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As a kid I loved cooking and baking with my mom, but using the oven was my least favorite part. When I was really young I would make my mom put the food in the oven, I was always impressed at how easily she would put stuff in. As I got older my mom started having me put stuff in the oven, after doing it hundreds of times I started to get lazy at doing it and I wouldn’t bring the door all the way down or I would be off to far to the side. One time I on Thanksgiving I was getting Yams out of the oven and I forgot to put on the oven mitts, because the oven was off I thought that the pan wouldn’t be hot, it was very hot, I burned my fingertips and I still have scars. Little did I know those scars were not going to be anything compared to my other…show more content…
The next time I did burn myself it was the worst pain I had ever felt. When I burned myself it was once again getting stuff out of the oven and this time I did have oven mitts on. I was off to far to the left and my arm touched the oven and it left two huge long blisters on my arm that felt like it was burning for two months. The second time I burned myself it give me the fear of the oven.
Months passed before I tried to put anything in the oven and when I would try I wouldn’t be able to fully get anything in, no matter how careful I was. The first time I put anything in the oven it was because my dad made me. I was helping my mom make dinner and the oven light went off and dinner needed to be put in the oven. I tried to call my mom in to put the food in the oven but my dad yelled at me and made me put it in myself. I pulled the oven door all the way down, I grabbed the pan, I was very careful and got it in without burning myself.
Another few months passed before I took anything out of the oven, when I did it was because my mom went to go get my sister and dinner was in the oven. Before my mom got home the timer went off and I was home alone. I was in my room when the timer went off, I walked out of my room and went to the kitchen. I put on the oven mitts, I pulled the door all the way down, I felt a rush of hot air run to my face. I grabbed out the pan out just of my mom and sister got
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