Paragraph On The State Of Security

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Preamble The state of security in our country is near a grave experience, especially the north-eastern part of Nigeria. A country where the security of lives and property has deteriorated to the Hobbesian state of nature; a situation of anarchy, total lack of law and order, a precarious circumstance of survival of the fittest and the elimination of the unfit, reveals nothing order than O. Henry 's 'banana republic. ' Such is our situation - suspicion has become the order of the day as the number one citizen of the country has made public confessions. Popular words on the lips of Nigerians are; boko, bomb and bullet. A sure creed for a people in travail hopelessly hoping against hope - looking up to a security outfit that has failed either because it has compromised its stand or it is helpless due to its unsophisticated armaments compared to those of those threatening the unity and integrity of our common existence as a people and a nation. The ugly state of affairs namely insecurity, plus a poverty-stricken populace unsure of the so-called dividends of corruption-bound democracy greased by privatization and the deregulation of the petroleum down stream sector, leaves much to be desired. The Arab spring and the January fuel subsidy protests have a lot of lessons for our nation. Many social critics and analysts have lend credence to this fact. America had predicted 2015 for our break-up as a nation but now, 2030. Are we going to fold our arms and watch our country head for

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