Paragraph Related To The Civil Rights Movement

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From 1954 to today, the United States has transmuted tremendously due to the Civil Rights Movement. Most of today’s equality and society originated from this significant movement that took place during 1954-1968. It has centuries from when Abraham Lincoln delivered the Emancipation Proclamation, and the signs of change has been began to materialize now. Looking back at history and examining the differences between this day to another day back in history, there will be major activities and objects that did not continue to this day- for example, slavery. There is enough evidence from the past to state that the young country has matured and became more equal for its citizens. Even data for gender equality, such as the chart
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It forbade the discriminatory voting practices. The Freedom Summer, in which African-Americans went door to door to learn how to register to vote, resulted in the Bloody Sunday. There was a non-violent protest march happening between Selma, Alabama and Montgomery, Alabama, but the protesters were attacked by state troops and the local police. Later, President Lyndon Johnson signed off on the document regarding the act. It affects today’s life and generation of how the society works, since it gives everyone eighteen and older a chance to have the same percentage to register and vote for their…show more content…
On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr., a civil rights activist, took the chance to deliver his famous speech “I Have A Dream” to about 250,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial. The speech invigorated the movement, and many of the demand were reached. All the schools, which were first “separate, but equal” desegregated, allowing both blacks and whites to attend and graduate from the corresponding school. It also led almost all the United States’ citizens to have generally posses the same things, such as access to all accommodations, training and placements for unemployed Americans, a national minimum wage to give all Americans a decent living space, and an education. One of the demands from the march was to have a monumental federal program to help the unemployed Americans train and be placed into a job. Another impact the speech left on society is encouraging James Harris, a quarterback, to join the NFL. The “I Have A Dream” also “saved” the civil rights movement. If it weren’t for the speech, most individuals would be fighting, like the strategy Malcolm X had proposed. The speech was able to stop any of the fighting that might have arose from the conflict of racial
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