Paraguay's Archive Of Terror Analysis

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The article “Paraguay’s Archive of Terror: International Cooperation and Operation Condor” by Katie Zoglin centers around the way in which the Southern Cone countries, with a specific focus on Paraguay, dealt with political opponents. The article was written in the period of winter-spring in 2001. This is significant because the article is also from the American Law Review at Miami University in a period just after the 9/11 attacks. This could affect some of the ideas about military governments and intelligence, being as the U.S. would likely be concerned with these ideas right after a terrorist attack. However, since the article is about Latin America, the influence of 9/11 might not be significant in this particular case.
In the article, Zoglin’s argument is that there was a certain level of cooperation between the Southern Cone countries (this cooperation program was known as Operation Condor) and that this information was brought to light with the discovery of Paraguay's Archive of Terror (documents that detailed the fate of citizens deemed enemies of the state and
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Zoglin does however explicitly state that the Articles prove the fact that there was collaboration between these Southern Cone countries against the perceived political threat, which confirms the existence of Operation Condor at the least. With her conclusion, not too much risk is taken, which keeps the argument sounding valid. Zoglin bases all her conclusions from her sources and therefore does not speculate about information she does not know, keeping her argument sequential and sensical. Overall, based on her sources and the way in which her argument is presented, Zoglin seems to have a valid argument about the existence of Operation Condor and a basis for further
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