Paramedic Figures: A Narrative Fiction

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Ssshh, BAM!” The front engine spewed out smoke, as the plane flew across the sky. “Can anyone hear me?”,The pilot screamed at the radio. Dead silence. A girl, Lisa, a thin, brown eye, black hair, fifteen year old girl who was in tenth grade who is hoping to be a paramedic. She still has a decide where to get that degree to be a paramedic. Lisa was reading a book on the right hand side of the pilot was screaming in fear knowing she wouldn’t survive. Then moments later, the pilot was down. Lisa quickly snatched the wheel and flew the plane. She grabbed the radio and said, “Is anyone there? Anyone? HELP ME!” Moments later she get a response. “Who is this? What’s the problem?” A man said. “I need your help! The plane is crashing and the pilot…show more content…
The old man followed the answer with another question.”Who are you? Tell me your name and so information about you self “What is your name?” Lisa asked. “Lester” the old man said. “ How about we take you somewhere safe.” Lester said in a sly tone. “Are you sure it’s safe?” Lisa says in a strict tone. “I dosen’t sound like it is from the way you said it.” “Yes you will be ok!” Lester said. “ I don’t believe anything you just said.” Lisa mumbles. What should I do? Should I try to escape? If I make a run will they capture me? I don’t know! I just want to live! Lisa ran toward Lester, who was waiting for her about half a mile away. After miles and miles of walking Lisa was violently pinned to the ground and tied by Lester’s henchmen.Lisa was trying to punch and bite their arms to get them off from her. “What are you doing!”, Lisa screamed. “You will be executed within a forty-eight hours”, Lester said in a demanding voice. “Why are you doing this? I did nothing to hurt you!”, Lisa screamed. “Let me go!” “I don't like snotty teenage girls like you. I knew the first time I met you, I felt that you were very rude and doubtful to where we were going. I don’t think that people like you should live.”, Lester said. “But...but…” Lisa said in a quiet
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