Paranoid Schizophrenic Self Analysis

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Addressing My Younger Undiagnosed Paranoid Schizophrenic Self If you do your research, you don’t have to worry about being wrong I’ve been researching myself, and I am putting it, for you, in this song I don’t know if it has a point but hope it helps somewhat Helps the mothers, fathers, friends, and brothers, all of them and you, who refuse to give up Which is worse, when you get fucked or when you fuck someone who doesn’t deserve it? I don’t want the schizophrenic to be scary, but sometimes, I am complicit In the deterioration of thought, and therefore society But I know it’s way more important for little girls to be smart than pretty But be careful, all the doctors care more about their degrees than they do about you And if you are open…show more content…
Hold some strength back for emergencies and relax sometimes, don’t forget Grow your strength from a solid base Keep it right at your neck’s nape And I know this work isn’t linear, there are gapes But knowing you, my younger self, you will extrapolate Almost to a fault, indeed Searching for new things your love may need Standing on the shoulders of giants, to see a little father Positively and delicately trying to unearth her This may seem vague, but we all have a gentle woman Somewhere in our heads keeping us warm ’nd Safe and honourable and with an absence of rage Loving us and helping us turn the page In the book of life until we gasp out, staring dumbly at the sky Thinking, I am over it and I thank you, and now I know why— Why I did what I did and why I must forgive Why I must move on with my life, mostly because I still have so much to give If there is one thing life shouldn’t be it is a waste We all seem to get this at some point, even if it can be a bit late But redemption follows us about like a loyal dog Lifting our eyes and lifting the fog Of our insecurities and faults Our automatics and our defaults Our caustic insults And focused on how we do things, not just the results Finally, younger me, remember to play Set aside time for that every
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