Paranormal Deprivational Study

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Scientists have studied the paranormal activities, but were never able to prove its existence. Yet many people believe in the paranormal because of religion and beliefs, media influences, or simply the fact that people are intrigued by the paranormal. If a friend was to tell me he believes his house is haunted, I would first ask the cause to his claim such as “Were there any objects involved or was it through a sense such as hearing or seeing”. I would also ask how many times he has experienced this certain event that would bring him to consider his house being haunted. By hearing the evidences he provided, there are possible alternatives that could counter his claim of paranormal activities. Some alternatives could be that he was under stress or suffering from sleep deprivation. Ordinarily, the lack of sleep along with stress could have an effect on how the body functions. A possible alternative could be the usage of drugs. Prescribed medication or any type of drug usage could result in side effects and the cause of the “paranormal”.…show more content…
I would record information about his social interactions with people as well as his personal life experiences. Although the paranormal event took place at his house, the situation could be the result of suffering from a tragic personal experience. In my opinion, I believe most people are skeptical about the paranormal. Based on experiences, people wouldn’t believe in the paranormal until they have their own experience of “paranormal” activities. When people claim to have encountered a paranormal activity, they are left with no evidence to support the claim. Some people would not consider the fact that paranormal exists because it’s not in the realm of reality. For people to consider in the paranormal existence, you must have a substantial amount of evidence to support your
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