Paranormal Influence On Religion

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The way social scientists have thought about the paranormal has changed. The supernatural was seen as a primitive person’s way of understanding the world and was seen to conflict with progress. But with the resurgence of paranormal topics, usually lumped together under the term New Age, it shows that science and the paranormal can coexist. Believing in the paranormal is not a rejection of science because science explains the physical world, not the spiritual world. The conflict should come from mainstream religions, and some do, but the two concepts can coincide. The main conflicts with religion comes from the religion trying to hold onto a solid member base. By using the holy text of the religion to condemn the paranormal, the worshippers…show more content…
This could cause the friends to expect something to happen while they were there and Laura’s presence there as an expert could have had an influence on Sandy and Michelle’s reactions. Laura mentioned that Sandy and Michelle never talked about that incident afterwards, but the experience has been added to Laura’s long list of paranormal events. Laura’s recounting of the experience was very expressive and engaging. She told it like a well-written story, but she did not seem to be pushing belief onto me. Laura is not shy about talking about such events and will tell most people besides passing acquaintances. There was a branching factor from the La Llorona legend, children. According to Laura, the spirit was close to the group, but the spirit did not become angry until Sandy and Michelle started singing the children’s song, Rock-a-by Baby. The song seemed to anger the spirit, enough to where Laura told her friends to stop singing and run. She started running herself and Laura is not someone who would run for no reason or to use it as part of a joke to scare…show more content…
She was in conflict with her parents often, but they never harmed her, causing no mental trauma, which is a cause of seeing paranormal events (Shermer and Linse, Why People See Ghosts). With having a conventional lifestyle, Helen should not have become a believer. After this incident, she found out that the school was built on an old Indian burial ground, the bodies had been moved before the construction of the school. She believes that there could be bodies under the connecting forest, since there was no construction there, the bodies would not have to be reburied
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