Paras Narang Case

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On June 16, 2015, at approximately 0946 hrs, I was dispatched to Police Headquarters for a report of burglary and theft to a motor vehicle. Upon arrival I spoke to Paras Narang (victim) who stated in effect that between June 15, 2015 2100 hrs to June 16, 2015 0730 hrs an unknown suspect(s) gained entry into his vehicle (brown 2015, Accura, NJ reg# PDN710), which was parked in the parking lot, and removed is brown leather wallet and a gold chain from his console. Narang stated that he came back from Costco last night and walked outside to his vehicle to get to work this morning and he noticed that his center console was left opened. When he looked inside, his brown leather wallet containing multiple credit cards and a gold chain was missing.
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