Parasailing Paradise Short Story

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Parasailing Paradise
I was terrified, but I didn’t know why. I’ve done this previously, six years ago, but I was still scared.
“Okay everybody” began the worker, “the boat has arrived and it is time to board.”She began to lead me, my sister Madison, my dad, his girlfriend, and a few other people towards a dock. She was easy to follow due to her canary yellow shirt as bright as the sun beaming down on us.
Once we arrived to the ten person boat floating back and forth next to the dock, we were helped up onto the boat. As soon as I set my foot down my legs began to wobble. “Sea legs” my dad said as he watched me stumble and collapse into the stiff cushioned chair.
After everyone finished laughing the captain, with a sharp turn that sent everyone flying to the side, began to head off towards open water.
“It’s about a two hour trip trip” the captain and his assistant informed all of us as we exited the jetty. “On our way out you will see a lot of aquatic life wildlife. This includes pelicans, dolphins, sea turtles and much more” he also said. Minutes later a young girl abruptly shouted “Look! Three dolphins!” Everyone craned their necks to see them while trying not to lose balance. Their dorsal fins sliced through the water and within seconds they disappeared as quickly as they showed up.
We continued out, bouncing in the buoyant water, for fifteen minutes until we heard the propellers turn off. “Alright everyone time to begin” the captain stated. He and his assistant began to
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