Parent And Peer Influence On A Preteens Development

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This paper intends to look at the parent and peer influence on a preteens development. It will take into account the different roles that each play through the course of middle childhood. This paper will examine the key needs that parents provide such as physical necessities, learning, self-respect, peer relationship, harmony, and stability. It will also look at what influences peers have on each other and how peer groups affect the child 's decisions and beliefs. It 's often said that parents have little influence on their children during the preteens years. Though Kathleen Gerger author of “The Developing Person; through the Lifespan” tells of five main needs that families fill for children in middle childhood. First, she speaks of…show more content…
Bennett, Negley, Wells and Connolley found that“Children who experience increased levels of stress in early and middle childhood are at higher risk for symptoms of depression and anxiety in adulthood, which can result in an impaired health-related quality of life” (21-32). The physical necessities of everyday life can be influenced by a parents income, which often determines where a child lives, what kind of neighborhood they grow up in, and what cloths they wear. These things influence which cliques children hang out in, how healthy they are, and how much stress a child endures. These examples have a pretty extreme influence on a child 's development and helps determine what experiences they have and who they become later in life. Learning is essential for children in their preadolescence years. It builds confidence and helps them to understand the world around them. Parents are key to a child 's learning experience. They influence how much time is spent in school and on homework. They influence what the student values and their support enables students to succeed. In middle childhood, encouragement is very important. Preteens are very impressionable and are just starting to find a sense of who they are. Parental encouragement reinforces that the child is on the right path and helps them to continue their hard work. Often
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