Parent Child Cafs

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• Created by parents, given birth to by mother
• Parent loves the child and gives them room to learn and grow
• Child becomes a part of parent’s world and meets their friends.
• Parent teaches child their beliefs or “life lessons” through example
• Disagreement with child causes the child to be punished, but the child gets rewarded with a hug. This brings the child and parent closer.
• Another sibling enters into the child's life. The child starts to feel left out and not as important
• Child does everything they can to make parent proud
• Child is thrust into the world and faces the harsh reality. The child is now an adult and must find their way in the world
• The now young adult faces struggles in life and makes it through the worst with a few mental and emotional bruises that shape them.
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• Young adult searches for purpose in place/situations that remind them of home
• Young adult travels the world in search of something the reminds them of home or gives them the same feeling
• Young adult meets someone that makes them feel whole. Both of them searching for the meaning of life, but situations separate them, and they are alone
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