Parent Child Observation Paper. Introduction. The Three

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Parent Child Observation Paper
The three parent child observations that have been documented will be analyzed using knowledge from class material and with peer-reviewed articles. Support will be given to show the connection between the articles, the class material, and to each observation. Each observation took place in a different location and each supporting article discusses how the actions of the parent and child relate to different aspects of a parent child relationship.
Parent Child Observation 1
I observed what I assumed was a family of seven who finished eating their food at the fast food restaurant; the wrappers on the table are the evidence for this assumption. Four sat in one booth and three in another. The three
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On the negative side, children are spending more time indoors playing computer games or the equivalent, but they are not developing interpersonal relationships. As the internet is becoming less of a modern convenience and more of a necessity for humans, young and old, it should be noted that the internet can cause impaired academic achievement, bad time management, and problems with health and interpersonal relationships (Lai & Gwung, 2013). In another study, Laverick (2009) states the children of the 21st century have lives that are interwoven with technology. These children do not know of a world without technology; in the study, this is called “an Eculture” (Laverick, 2009). Parent Child Observation 2
I observed a group of five who visited the park; I assumed them to be Mom, Dad, and their 3 children. The children, two boys and a girl, aged approximately five years old, three years old, and nine months old respectively. The toddler showed himself to be secure as he would move away from his parents, and return, or look to see if his parents were watching him. Mom encouraged her sons to help their sister down the slide by suggesting they hold her hands and go down together. The girl was carried which suggests that she is not walking yet. Mom pushed the girl on the swing. Mom and Dad let the children know they were going to go for a walk. The older boy had found another child to play with and did
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