Parent / Community Involvement : Its Impact Of The Child 's Education

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Topic Paper: Parent/Community Involvement: Its impact of the Child’s Education I chose this topic because our school is facing a major problem with our community. Our school demographic information is 95% African – American and located in a neighborhood predominantly Caucasian. “It takes a village to raise a child.” This popular proverb sends a message that not only the school but also the parents, family and community play an essential role in the education of a child. The involvement of parents and community in child’s education makes a positive impact on the growth and development of the child because research says that school age children spend 70% of their waking hours (including weekends and holidays) outside of school. Learning doesn’t stop in school; it is extended in the home when the child works with their homework under the supervision of their parents. It is also extended in the community when a child is part of the organization such as mentoring program that provide them insights, direction, motivation, support and teachable moment. I remember one child in our school where it benefited him of the collaborative effort of the family, community and school to develop and redirect the child’s life. He was 17 year old and still on 8th grade. The student has a potential and skill of a good football player. The child is about to give –up on his education. He was hopeless because he was thinking that he was too old to be in Middle School. The school worked
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