Parent Influences On Early Childhood

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This study is introduced with a unique hypothesis and states the reason it is important in the abstract section. The article is titled “Parent influences on early childhood internalizing difficulties”. The main focus of the study was the concern that children 's internalization of mental illness is a major concern for parents and society in general. However, this is due to the significant increase in health issue over a long period of time. This study in particular is important because the researchers experimented with a multivariate model to predict the effects of parenting practices on young children and infants, as well, it indicated in the research that parent anxiety and depression levels will directly affect the health of child(ren). In the research, about 112 children who were aged at around 2 years old were followed up to the age of 4. Parents participated in finishing questionnaires and playground observations were the main providers of independent measurement based on parenting as well as child variables. In the article, the hypothesis is that “predictors of early childhood internalizing difficulties were over-involved/protective parenting, low warm-engaged parenting, and parental anxiety–depression” which falls in the four main categories of parenting techniques discussed in lectures. Any family depression/stress related and both parental depression/anxiety also predicted problematic parenting practices. The researchers finding within the experiment was completed
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