Parent Interview : Family Interview

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Parent Interview
During my parent interview many of the parents had a different idea of what was stimulating for their child. All the parents, however, realized the importance of stimulating their child during play especially as an infant. The parent’s children ranged from six months to 5 years old (Derryberry, Boster, & Lashae, 2015). This also shows that the parent can have varying opinion based on what their child needs in that particular developmental period. All the parents were extremely concerned with what the child was getting out of play. They also agreed anything educational always was better than what the child in question may want. I think that especially come into play for toddlers, because they are trying to interact with the environment even in stores.
Most parents agreed that something bright and colorful was good for infants (Derryberry, Boster, & Lashae, 2015). This seems to be very important considering that infants are really developing their vision (Santrock, 2014). I also think a big part of this is because parents themselves feel like the better the toy is the more stimulating it is all around. Colors can make a simple toy look much more appealing. The parents also agreed that any kind of noise was sure useful (Derryberry, Boster, & Lashae, 2015). Parent with younger children seemed to be much more interested in this trait. Since infants mostly hear voices this brings into play how much the noise is for the child or the parent. One parent felt like…

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