Essay on Parent Interview of a Special Needs Child

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The mother reports having a normal pregnancy with no complications, and that her pregnancy was easy. This was the second child for the mother, who has another child who was five years old at the time. The mother also disclosed that at the time of the pregnancy she was in the process of separating from the child’s father and that this caused a moderate level of stress. At the time of the pregnancy the mother was also working full time as waitress in a local restaurant, the mother reports that her job required she be on her feet for a long period of times, but that she was able to work until around a week before her child was born. The mother reports that the child was born around two weeks early but that labor was easy and the child was…show more content…
The mother reports that the child responded well to different people and family members and friends reported the child was easy to care for. The mother however reported that being a single mother was stressful.
At the time the child was a year and half old, the mother placed in family daycare center that was in a provider’s apartment. The provider also cared for four other children between the ages of one and three. The child was in the providers care from the age of one and half until she was three years when she started to attend a full day preschool program. The mother reported no concerns during this period of the time and stated that her daughter was an easy child who listened. She also reported that her child was curious and liked to explore many different things and that she especially liked playing with puzzles and books. The mother reports potty training also being easy and that her daughter learned quickly and was full potty trained within in a week.
At the age of three the child was in full day preschool program. The mother reported her daughter having an easy transition into the program and was excited to go to school and she was “a big girl now”.

The mother reports that it was the preschool teacher who first mentioned to her that could possibly be an issue with her daughter’s speech. The mother reports the teacher telling her that although her daughter
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