Parent Involvement : A Significant Amount Of Past And Current Research

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Parent Involvement in Education A significant amount of past and current research contends that parent involvement positively affects the academic success of students (Epstein, 1987). Epstein (1987) and Henderson (1987) report that schools that promote and favor parent involvement consistently out performs schools with little parent involvement. Parent involvement has been consistently interconnected with student test performance, and is an important component in student academic performance. Comer and Hayes (1991) stated that momentous parent participation is vital for effective schooling and the education process. Therefore, families, provide social, cultural, and emotional corroboration that students need to execute well in school. Parent involvement is seen as an integral part of home and school connections (Lareau, 1987). This practice encourages parents to actively participate in the life of the school as well as the learning of their child at home (Epstein, Sanders, Simm, Salinas, & Johnson, 2002). Many educators believe that creating a caring community of families, students, and teachers provides additional support for the child’s learning. Researchers and writers have noted that parent involvement correlates with academic achievement and success, an essential contributor to overall student success, and widely acknowledged as a vital element of student academic performance (Mandra, 2006). An involved parent can have a positive impact on their child’s

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