Parent Involvement During The Primary School

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Parent Involvement during the primary school years is a key factor in a child’s education. Having parents or even a parent being involved in their child’s education significantly increases positivity in the classroom and at home. Children who know they have a parent or parents that check their homework, go over study guides, stay in contact with the teacher, etc. want to strive to do a better job in the classroom. Teachers, administrators, students and the parents can all benefit from the importance of Parent Involvement. Schools shape the community, and from the help of parents staying involved and knowing what is going on in the classroom, it helps policymakers decide what the best rules and procedures are for our schools. Studies show that students with positive parent involvement lead to better test grades, homework, and attendance. Even though parent involvement is important in all of the years of a student’s educational journey, involvement in the primary school years shape the path ahead for a successful student, which comes from a positive parental influence.
Throughout history parent involvement has always been studied and has remained an important factor in a child education. It is shown that there has always been more Parent involvement in the primary years of education as it “increased dramatically from 1999 to 2007 from on average 77% to 89%” (National Household Educators Survey Program) in the primary years. 1999 to 2007 show an increasingly amount of parent
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