Parent Involvement

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Abstract There has been significant research on how parental involvement affects students, explanations for why parents do not get involved, and what role both schools and teachers play in creating an atmosphere conducive to parents becoming actively involved in the educational process. Parental involvement refers to a parent or family members' participation and contribution to their child's schooling. These contributions can take place in or outside of the school, with the objective of improving a child’s learning. Parental involvement at home can include activities such as helping with homework or reading with the child. Involvement at school may include parents volunteering in the classroom or attending workshops. Parental involvement…show more content…
5). Research overwhelmingly demonstrates that parent involvement in a child’s learning is directly related to achievement. It is critical that families be included as partners in all aspects of the educational process. How well my students perform in class is greatly dependent upon the support they receive at home. Research further indicates that the more intensively parents are involved in their children's learning; the more beneficial are the achievement effects (Arndt & McGuire-Schwartz, 2008). Lack of Professional Development For decades, authors have documented the gap that exists between schools and homes. Teachers and other professionals who work with children generally desire to support families by providing suggestions, strategies, and other services to help them help their child, however, often report that they feel ill-equipped and unprepared to work with families (Abernathy & Bingham, 2007). Teachers are often unaware of how to involve parents in meaningful ways. “Because of a lack of experience and professional development, many teachers do not have the skills, knowledge, and dispositions necessary to effectively partner with culturally diverse parents” (Sanders, 2008). Providing students with a supportive environment means involving parents in the educational process. Often, parents do not become involved because they do not have anything
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