Parent Involvement in Education

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Parental Involvement in Education Lisa Vasas Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Abstract This paper was about the benefits of parents being more involved in their children’s educations, researchers have noticed that if more parents were involved in their children’s educations, they would have a more positive outlook on life. They have also found that more children would go on to furthering their education. Peters, Seeds, Goldstein and Coleman performed many research tests on this in 2007. There were many articles and much research to support that parent involvement influenced their children’s successful academic achievements. This paper concluded that parental involvement in education is beneficial to the children’s…show more content…
Eventually, at the age of about 13 the child should have been at about a 6th or 7th grade level of education, and reality was only at about a 1st-2nd grade level of education. There was very little advancement with this child because the only place he received help with his school work was at school. If the child would have had more help at home, he may have advanced more. The second observation is of parents with a child with some known learning disabilities. These learning disabilities were discovered at the young age of about 6 years old. The school was aware of the problems that the child had and gave assistance in his learning. The parents were also aware of problems and were dedicated to assisting with his work at home also. This child received the help he needed at school and at home with his education. This child grew up and successfully achieved academically and furthered his education. This observation occurred before the No Child Left Behind Act was passed. Both the first and second observations involved a child with known learning disabilities. The difference is that in the first observation, the child did not have a parent who was dedicated to assisting the child with additional help in his schoolwork. The second observation was a child who received the additional dedication from the parent with his schoolwork. Therefore, in the second observation the child successfully achieved academically. The third observation is of a
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